Block paving maintenance guide

General care and cleaning:

Regularly sweep the driveway area using a household brush, to prevent the long term build up of debris. If you keep on top of it, it will help prevent weeds and algae building up over time.

To remove general dirt etc, use a detergent and hot water solution (washing up liquid is fine) and brush the area well, then rinse with water to remove any detergent.

If you need to remove more stubborn dirt, use a hose on medium pressure over the affected area – you are unlikely to remove much kiln dry sand (the jointing material inbetween the blocks). Please do not use pressure washers, as they will remove material and potentially damage the blocks themselves.

What about weeds?

Remove any weeds you can by hand, and then treat the area with a suitable weed killer. Please make sure you use a weed killer suitable for block paving.

How to remove moss and algae:

If you experience a build up moss or algae between the blocks, first remove the moss between the blocks by scraping the area. You can then use a paving specific moss and algae killer to treat the area. Once applied, this can take a day or two to work, once the moss is killed, brush the debris away and clean the remains away.

Paving sealers:

Block paving can be sealed using a resin sealer that can protect the blocks from stains, and even enhance the colour. It is best done in warm/dry weather, and at least a few months after the blocks have been laid.