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Dropped Kerb


What is a Dropped Kerb and do I need one?

When designing your new driveway or parking area you will need to take into consideration the dropped kerb, Bristol City Council will need to be informed of any proposed changes. This is the lowered access point that connects your drive to the highway, and allows your vehicle to enter and exit the road in a safe manner. They have to be constructed to your local councils building standards, by approved contractors. We are approved by Bristol and the various councils in Somerset, South Gloucester and Bath to legally and correctly install dropped kerbs.

In addition, you will need to use contractors that are on the Street Works Qualification Register, as required by the New Roads and Street Works Act (1991). They must also have the correct liability insurance. We hold the correct Street works permits and have the necessary insurance cover.

If your driveway already has an existing dropped kerb, and the kerb line is not being altered in anyway, then you will not need to install a new one or apply for planning permission from the local council. However if you are planning to change or create a new access point for your parking area, you will need to obtain permission from your local authority.

I need my kerb lowering, can you help?

The first stage of the process is to find out if you will need planning permission to have your curb lowered, and to apply for a highway excavation licence. Please note, this applies to kerb extensions as well. We can fill out all the necessary application forms on your behalf, and manage the whole process. The excavation licence costs a non-refundable £274.00 (in Bristol – though fee’s can differ between councils). During the process, the local highways department will send out an officer who will assess if planning permission is needed, if underground utility plans need to be obtained from the relevant supplier, and whether the licence is to be granted or not. The whole application process usually takes between four to five weeks.

Once the excavation licence and any needed planning permission has been granted, the work is then allowed to begin, and the drop kerb can be built to the authority’s requirements. Please note that if you do not have an excavation licence, and allow the work to commence, the council can fine you retrospectively if work is carried out without one, so it is important the whole process is managed by an experienced contractor to ensure this does not happen.

Dropped Kerb Bristol and Somerset – we have years of experience constructing access points at a great price to the correct standards, from application to completion.

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