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Surfacing in Bristol, Bath and Somerset

We have a skilled surfacing team who can undertake small residential jobs to large access road projects. All our work is guaranteed and done to the highest standards.

Pot hole repairs

We provide a high quality pot hole repair service. This is especially popular in car parks, pavements, roads, and school play grounds. We undertake the whole process, leaving you with a professional and lasting repair. We also offer a rapid call out service in Bristol and Somerset if needed for emergencies.

Tarmac resurfacing

We can resurface any tarmac area to freshen it up and improve safety and durability. The area will be professionally prepared, before the asphalt surface either being laid by machine or hand. We use various grades of tarmac depending on the application, and we will advise what will be best suited.


If you have a patch of tarmac that needs repairing for any reason, we can repair this quickly and efficiently.

Gravel Driveways and tracks 

Gravel driveways are a great cost effective option. They offer good security, as by nature are noisy when pedestrians walk on them. The are maintenance free, and easy to install. They are especially popular in Bristol and Somerset at large properties, or farm tracks where other methods would be prohibitively expensive and unnecessary. 

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Premium Quality Driveways, Groundworks and Dropped Kerbs